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Abraham Kiswani set to hit record fundraising total

  Philanthropist and businessman Abraham Kiswani looks forward to setting a record total as this year’s contributions get off to an unprecedented start. Well known and highly respected for his philanthropic nature and wider charitable efforts, security industry professional Abraham Kiswani and his business look set to reach a record donation and fundraising total in 2019 as […]


Licensed security contractor Abraham Kiswani reveals details of Chicago suburb of Matteson’s First Annual Beat Cancer Charity Basketball Showdown set to take place this summer. Set to take place on Saturday, June 22, 2019, the First Annual Beat Cancer Charity Basketball Showdown is to be held at the Matteson Community Center, located on Matteson Avenue […]

Abraham Kiswani - Love of Extreme Sports

Abraham Kiswani Provides Insight Into His Love of Extreme Sports

Security sector professional Abraham Kiswani shares his love of adrenaline-fueled, high-octane sports and activities.   From bungee jumping to skydiving, certified security contractor Abraham Kiswani’s love of extreme sports has seen him travel extensively both across the United States and internationally. Also a fan of wave runners and jet skis, antique muscle cars, and scuba […]

Abraham Kiswani

Abraham Kiswani shares his love of scuba as the world’s top-rated diving destinations are announced

Professional security contractor Abraham Kiswani pours over this year’s Scuba Diving Magazine Readers Choice Awards as the world’s best-rated diving destinations are revealed. A licensed security contractor for more than 20 years, Illinois-based Abraham Kiswani is also an avid and experienced scuba diver. With this year’s Scuba Diving Magazine Readers Choice Awards recently revealing the world’s best-rated scuba diving […]

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Abraham Kiswani offers a brief history of Taser devices

Professional Taser trainer certified security contractor Abraham Kiswani provides a brief history of the so-called ‘electronic control’ devices. Certified to train both civilians and specialists in Taser usage, Illinois-based security contractor Abraham Kiswani, a professional hands-on Taser instructor for more than five years, takes a brief look back at the history of so-called ‘electronic control’ Taser […]

Abraham Kiswani Shares His Passion for Antique Muscle Cars, Skydiving, Sailing, and More

From muscle cars to scuba diving, Abraham Kiswani shares his love of antique automobiles, sailing, and adrenaline-fueled activities including skydiving and bungee jumping.   With more than 20 years of experience working in the security sector, certified security contractor Abraham Kiswani is also a keen car restorer and extreme sports fan. Here, the qualified professional […]

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Abraham Kiswani shares career highlights following 20 years in the security field

Abraham Kiswani reflects on a selection of career highlights after more than two decades working in the security sector. A certified security contractor, Abraham Kiswani is a professional Taser trainer and security sector consultant in the process of becoming a licensed private investigator. Reflecting on a number of career highlights, Kiswani shares an insight into his 20 […]

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Abraham Kiswani explains key elements of professional Taser training

Certified security contractor Abraham Kiswani shares an insight into the professional Taser training process. Formal professional Taser trainer certification provides the basis for security industry experts, such as Abraham Kiswani, to teach approved courses focused on hands-on weapons training, practical knowledge, and the real-life scenarios where such devices may make a life-saving difference. Here, Illinois-based Kiswani […]